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Certificate in General Electrician

- Domestic Electrical & Industrial Installation and Estimation

- Basic Electricity

- Fundamental of Electricity

- Ohm’s Law

- Series, Parallel, series parallel combination

- Safety rules and regulations in Electrical Installation works

- Various types of tools and Testing/ Measuring Instrument and their uses in domestic Installation

- Electrical working diagram

- Principle of operation of protective devices

- Types of joints, terminations of cable and the safety precautions involved

- Inspection, Testing, Fault Finding and Repair in Domestic Electrical Installation

- Earthen system and defective earth

- Domestic & Industrial Safety / Security and Communication System CCTV

- Cameras security alarms

- Prepare Estimates of Electrical Installation

- Types of ducts and trucking’s applying all relevant regulation and safety precautions

- Electrical motors and Generators

- Ac and Dc Motors and Generators

- Protective switch gear control system troubleshooting

- Installation of All types of machines and equipment’s

- Function of circuit breakers, relays, fuses and many other and All types of safety devices in Electrical Appliances

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