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In line with Sustainable Development Goals 4 & 8 to ensure quality education for all and to promote decent work and economic growth, our mission at ZABTech is to build a workforce with competencies and skills needed for the 21st century job market.

Regrettably, the underprivileged youth continues to be marginalized because of the limited access to education, training, and employment opportunities. They lack the needed skills to enter the workforce. There is a clear mismatch of skills learned in the school from skills demanded by industry. ZABTech endeavors to cater to the skills training and holistic development of these poor youth by providing state recognized quality Technical and Vocational Education and Trainings (TVET), so that they are highly qualified, globally competitive, and gainfully employed.

To achieve this, ZABTech continues to build strategic partnerships with Government, Academia, International Agencies & Industry to ensure the skills development which enables the youth to successfully contribute to the economic and social advancement of the country.

We hope the website will provide tools that inspire all partners, potential students and visitors to engage with us, in order to continuously enhance our services, leading to excellence and innovation.


Our Mission & Vision

  • Vision To Build a sustainable future for the youth through skill development thereby significantly improving their quality and standard of living.
  • Mission To enhance global competitiveness, through a quality and productive workforce by developing demand driven, dynamic and integrated technical education and vocational training service.