Information Technology

There are a huge variety of jobs in information technology, so there are  many different courses you can take  to get employed in the sector. An IT course will give you specialised  skills, experience working with the  latest tools and equipment, and the ability  to make connections studying with  like-minded people.


The current job scenario in the world promises a variety of jobs in the field of Information Technology. Keeping in mind how essential this field is and how fast it is growing, this course has been designed to deliver the basic concepts of Information Technology as well as the specialized skills, tools and knowledge of the use of equipment required by the job market so students can kick start their career in this field.

Ever since the advent of computers, the world has become a global village. Almost, all professional companies require software systems specifically designed for them in order to make work more efficient.
Since the field of Software Development is rapidly growing with the speed of light and there is a high demand for it in the job market. This course has been offered to cater to the new products, tools and knowledge of thousands of applications released everyday which are required by the professional setups and which guarantee a job.

This Program has been designed to teach students the range from basics to advanced graphics Design and web development using graphics softwares and web programming. In addition, they will focus on professional skills needed to work successfully in any business environment, software houses and work freelancer including interpreting briefs and project management.  Gaining knowledge  about  the  industry  practice  that  entails establishing  the  target  market, conceptualization, web marketing, design skills and software. This highly sought after 1-year qualification will give you the skills you need to become an accomplished professional graphics designer or web developer.

Certification PROGRAMMES

Certification Courses offer you a chance to expand on your computer skills and learn how to apply your technical expertise professionally.

Information Technology

Wireless Application Protocol



Computer Hardware

Cisco Certified Network Associate

Android Development

Multimedia Graphics designer

MS Office

Advance Certificate in information technology


C+ Programming