" Learn to live with modern Technology "


To build a sustainable future for the youth through skill development thereby significantly improving their quality and standard of living.


To enhance global competitiveness, through a quality and productive workforce by developing demand driven, standardized, dynamic and integrated technical education and vocational training service.

The prime aim is to provide technically trained human resources to the Industry in the province, as per their demand. This will ultimately lead bridge the Skill Gap which will lead to a quantum jump in the exports of the country, by value addition and responding to technological shift in the manufacturing & facing the challenges of Globalization.


  • To create a growing force of skilled workers through technical & vocational education with a positive mind-set and a strong work ethics.
  • Promote and provide demand driven technical education & vocational training.
  • Develop & regulate centralized online examination & Certification System to ensure uniformity of Education & Training Standards.
  • Enhance the participation of World of Work in training activities and support OJT (On Job Training) to trained trainees.
  • Develop a dynamic technical and vocational training system to ensure horizontal and vertical mobility.
  • Establish close relationship with various sectors of economy namely industry, Services and Commerce.
  • Motivate the local entrepreneurs to patronize the training programs of ZABTech (iTVE) institutions and provide on-the-job training facilities and employment to the graduates.
  • Set up regular Monitoring/Evaluation & Feedback system for the vocational training and teaching education to respond efficiency to the existing and changing demand of the market.
  • to help place trained youth in local and regional organizations, which in addition to enhancing their earning capacity, will also generate foreign currency remittances for Pakistan.
  • Establish a staff development system to offer demand oriented teacher & instructor training and upgrading performance. (Competency Based Training) .
  • Organize and conduct seminars & workshops for various types of personnel associated with vocational training and technical education .
  • Establish Data Banks for skilled workers and technicians. .
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