Sadaf Muzafar - -> Story of a Poor Teenage Girl

Ms. Sadaf Muzafar has a great passion of learning about fashion designing. She was number four sibling of a very poor family of Hyderabad City. Her father died when she was only 18 & then mother took responsibility of four siblings while facing chronic poverty. Sadaf’s mother was her source of inspiration because she was supporting her in her every move to get educated.

One fine day Sadaf’s uncle know through a family friend about nearby ZABTech institute where Stitching and tailoring is one of the technical course for poor female. First Sadaf with family took a tour of ZABTech institute where she found a very congenial & learning atmosphere. She got admission when family members satisfy about the environment. According to Sadaf, “I remember, in starting days, my mother was worried about my decision in connection with my safety; later on she was completely satisfied and overwhelmed. It was great challenge for me to prove myself competent enough to utter desire “My Sweet Dream”.

Her dream came true when she got certificate of outstanding performance during her study at ZABTech. She learned all principles of setting a home based entrepreneurship business, which she started immediately after completion of her studies at ZABTech. Initially, she got good response from family members and friends. As slow and steady wins the race so Sadaf also started home business with great patience. Sadaf was only girl from that poor urban slum area of Hyderabad, so she started transferring her skills, knowledge and passion of female entrepreneurship to other poor female of the area. Her passion of learning took her to ZABTech ITVE Hyderabad for six months apprenticeship program. Her performance during apprenticeship satisfied ZABTech Institute so they offered her permanent jobof “Instructor (Dressmaking and Tailoring)”.
Sadaf is now a regular earner of her own family. She started from Rs. 7000/= at home based earning and now getting Rs. 20,000 plus benefits from ZABTech Institute as Instructor. Her family which was facing hardships due to early death of her father is now a proud self-sufficient, self-earning family. Her family is now out from chronic poverty. Sadaf’s growing confidence not stopped in the classroom but she is now a beacon of light for poorest of the poor of area where She is living.ZABTech empowered her & gave her an opportunity to be a responsible & useful member of society.

"Sadaf Muzafar"
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