Muhammad Rameez - -> Passion of one born electrician

“I have passion to play with testers, pliers & other electric instruments since my childhood” said Mr. Rameez. Muhammad Rameez belongs to a lower middle class family of Hyderabad city. Eleven years ago his father died due to natural death. After father’s death family’s only earner was elder brother, a automobile mechanic and only bread earner of family. After completion of intermediate, Rameezsearchedfor a job but he couldn’t get it due to low level of education and no skilled experience. One day he read advertisement of ZABTech-TVET programs in daily newspaper, forwarded by his brother.

Rameez applied for sponsored program “General Electrician”, which was his passion since childhood. He applied to ZABTech and successfully passed test and interview for the program. ZABTech gave him full support and environment to grow confidentially in a very positive environment of skills learning. The approach of the institution was “learning by doing”, which further enhanced potential of the learners. During institution days, where corporate social responsibility was also a subject, students formed a group of Electric Technicians for providing free services to deprived communities, religious institutions, welfare organizations and educational institutions. This welfare activity gives students a soul satisfaction of their work & it has also enhanced their capacity & inner potential.

Besides these social activities, Rameez and his fellows formed a joint venture and obtained small electric fitting contracts from civil contractors even in training period. Rameez and team started earning during training period at Institute & started supporting families. After graduation, Rameez applied for job at different locations. Today Mr. Rameez is working as InchargeElectrical in Dawood Shopping Mart at Hyderabad and earning a good handsome amount. Now family has one more supporter and friends have satisfaction that a jobless youth is no more in their company. MrRameez’s current earning is more than Rs. 20,000/= and his standing in society has been significantly improved. This is lesson of passion of learning by doing.

"Muhammad Rameez"
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