Kouser Perveen - ->Story of a responsible wife

Ms. Kouser Perveen, married in early age is now mother of three kids. She is a resident of Latifabad, Hyderabad, Sindh. Her husband’s earning from a labor job was inappropriate to feed kids and a wife. Kausar break taboos of a house wife in a poor settings and prepared herself to get permission from husband to learn beautician course. She politely requested her husband that children’s growing health and education needs are difficult to meet in earning by one member of a family. Husband gave her permission so she started searching for a course through scholarship.

Kausar got admission in trade of beauticianand concentrated on learning through practicing on daily basis. She and her family found ZABTech environment more friendly towards female skills education & appropriate as per her desire. She started providing service during the training period at home. Kausar said “I do remember, when I earned Rs.20/= against threading service given to one of my family friends, I wept a lot and thanked God who enabled me to do something positive in life”. Her first experience praised by husband, family and friends at home and at institution level.

Rs. 20/= earnings from one threading has encouraged Kausar to start home service as Beautician. In morning she continuously attending classes and in evening providing services to local families. As days and months passed on, her experience and confidence increased. Her income from beautician course increased so she admitted her children in well reputed schools of locality. After passing out, Kausar started a regular business in field of Beautician. Now “Kausar Parlor” is famous in Latifabad city of Hyderabad, which Kausar is running from her house. Husband has a good earning partner & they have equal standing in society. Society has also learned from Kausar’s efforts and support to family. Kausar’s Parlor is now a home based famous name. She is now earning around Rs. 25000/= average per month and supporting family of education, health and feeding kids and husband. Kausar’s efforts make her proud member of a family due to skills.

"Kouser Perveen"
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