Munira - -> Tapping a Beautician’s Mind

Ms. Munira’s father is a government servant and she is living in a rental house. Her father’s income is less than 15000/=, which painful for a poor family living in suatter settlement’s rented house. Once she met with a friend and learned about a course of beautician at nearby institution ZABTech. She was very optimistic &have good links in community despite her poverty family background. Now she is 26 years old and working as professional beautician. She is providing all services in Munira Beauty salon opened within vicinity of her house locatedat a colony in Hyderabad.

Fashion was her passion in early days when she was student but poverty of family stopped her from realizing her desire. Her desire came true when she got an opportunity of learning. After getting degree from ZABTech in fashion designing, she got first contract from within her own locality and her own people. As days goes by, she became household name in locality. Her dream of be self-sufficient and self-independent business woman came true. Now she is independently earning sufficient money to support her expenses and contribute family expenses while sitting and serving from her own house. Now she also planned to get her own house in future.

She is now a respectable female in society & self-independent earner. She said that she thinks, it is because of skills, knowledge and attitude which she learnt from respected teachers, career counselors, coordinators and management of ZABTech. Her income is now growing say by day touching around 25 k to 30 k per month. Her skills of female entrepreneurship have been increased. She is now an successful example of female entrepreneurship in not only her locality but all around surrounding settlements and city.

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