Salman Ahmed - -> Where there is Skill there is Way

Mr. Salman Ahmed has recently completed certification program in field of “Refrigeration and Air conditioning”is now working at a four star hotel. He employed quickly by his employer due to skills, which he learned from ZABTech Institute @ Hyderabad. Mr. Salman is a very recent example of inspiring story of ZABTech institution. His Job at hotel is to keep functioning AC system of Hotel along with electrical working panels and maintenance of whole AC system. He learned theory and practical field experience during course program.

Mr. Salman was feeling isolated, deprived due to unskilled & unemployed. He was a clear burden on family and friends. Society was ignorant towards such unemployed youth. So Mr Salman decided to get admission in ZABTech to get skills and contribute to society. After certification in refrigeration skills, Salman immediately applied to a hotel in city and get job quickly. This all happened due to education and reputation of Institution in city. Institution unlocked hidden treasure of Salman and make him society’s responsible person.

Today,he is skilled, employed, anda successful youth. He is supporting family and friends in need. His standing in society, reputation and standard has been increased. moralSalman is now earning around Rs. 20,000/= to 40,000/=. He is also earning money through working privately if and when required by the customers.

"Salman Ahmed"
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