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My father is my ideal and I love to support him”. Shahzaib’s father was working in a private sector company and his earning was only Rs. 11000/= to feed five mouths of a very poor marginalized family. His father was gradually attending old age so tired when reach house at midninght. Shahzeb, as a elder son realized that father’s health will deteriorate if he work continuously. He decided to learn skills and support family in need.

Shahzeb joined a local AC and Refrigeration workshop in a nearby locality. He was spending his most of time on workshop due to eagerness of learning more and more. He decided to be helping hand of familybecause father was unable to bear expenses of family. Looking at great interest in job at workshop, a friend suggested Shahzeb to enroll in a TVET Institute. Shahzeb got admission in ZABTech at Hyderabad city & got certification in refrigeration course. Shahzeb realized that skills which he got through work at workshop were not sufficient to deal with demand of customers. His skills increased when he regularly attended classes at ZABTech. According to Shahzeb, from class teachers to trainers and management of institution everyone was very supportive during training period.

Now Shahzeb is implementing his all skills in field of AC & Refrigeration work. He is applying safety precautions, soft skills,green skills, knowledge and attitude to satisfy his customers. His skills made him a useful person of society and now he is earning around Rs. 25000/= per month at workshop. His owners of workshop are satisfied with work done by Mr. Shahzeb. According to Shahzeb, “Now, my father is happy with my progress and I am contributing for family expenses. I have continued my study privately. I am following my plan to increase my business therefore, I do deposit saving” A dream comes true and now Shahzeb is realizing change in his life.

"Shahzeb "
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