Pervez Imdad - -> A Case of Mobile Phone Repairing

Mr Pervez Imdad Soomro used to sell confectionary and grocery items in a small shop. His earning from a small confectionary shop was not so good to meet family expenses. On day he realized that job market is fastly changing so he has to change his small business. He experienced presence of mobile phones in every hand. The idea of a mobile phone workshop clicked in his mind. He thought he is father of four kids, so how he will cope with needs of small business and learning, simultaneously. it was great challenge for him to run business and learn new trade. He was used to open shop from afternoon till late night, therefore, he decided to attain classes only in morning times. He started search of institution, which provide him services during morning hours.

One fine morning he read in a daily kawish newspaperabout the advertisement of admissions in ZABTech institution. He started attending classes and learning from skilled teachers about the techniques of mobile phones. Staff at Institution was much cooperative with students. “Actually, I learned how to behave professionally with people having different languages, religion, race, sect and color” said Mr. Pervaiz.

After the completion of course, MrPervaiz changed his business of confectionary to mobile repair shop. Now he is running busy mobile phone shop in locality and easily dealing with mobile sets repairing and with customers.His income has been increased from Rs. 7000/= to Rs. 30,000/= after starting a new business. Mr. Pervaiz also applied to ZABTech institute as visiting faculty. His love for the institute inspired him to be part of the Institute. Management of Institute needs talented students to serve at the Institute beside running their own businesses. Only a caring Institution can do this. ZABTech hired Mr. Pervaiz as visiting faculty. .

"Pervez Imdad"
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