• Empowering Marginalized Youth Through Skills


JANUARY 2018 - JUNE 2019

SZABISTZABTech (iTVE)  in partnership with TVET Sector Support Programme implemented Empowering Marginalized Youth Through Skills Programme funded by European Union and Governments of Germany and Norway from January 2018 – June 2019. Under this project, 720 trainees were trained in Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) at Hyderabad, Shaheed Benazirabad, Larkana and Khairpur Mir’s.
Objectives of the Project
  • To change lives of vulnerable youth by improving their labor market performance.

  • To satisfy the continuously changing needs of the labor market.

  • To foster appropriation of the people’s educational capacities with the new social-economic conditions to support self-employment, entrepreneurship and mobility.

  • To ensure professional development of minority groups and create employment opportunities for them.

  • To develop lifelong learning and to raise the economic standard of people.

  • To develop Enterprises Partnerships at ground level.

Project Activities

Market Assessment To Identify Skills Gap

Career Counselling Sessions

Job Fair

Technical Training of Trainers

Guest Speaker Sessions

Enterprise Partnerships

Work Place Based Training of Trainees

Exposure/ Industry Visits



719 trainees successfully completed Competency Based Trainings & Assessment (CBT&A) level II & level III in Customer Services and Sales Assistant, Beauty Care (Skin Care), Beauty Care (Hair Styling), Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), general electrician, fashion designing, dress making, web designing and development, computer operator, AutoCAD, customer service and sales assistant.

245 Memorandum of Collaborations were signed with enterprising partners for on job training and employment.

224 tool kits were distributed.

79% graduates are employed.

19 trainers are qualified as National Assessors.

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